Janine Halloran speaks with counselors, educators, other helping professionals and families about encouraging kids identify coping strategies they already have as well as learning how to cope with their "big feelings" in healthy ways. She also speaks about the importance of play and how that integrates into teaching social skills and self-regulation.


Anxiety, ADHD, and Anger in the Classroom: 60 Activity-Based Coping Skills to Effectively Manage "Big Feelings"

PESI Publishing & Media

Schaumburg, IL - November 19, 2019

Naperville, IL - November 20, 2019

Oak Lawn, IL - November 21, 2019

Macon, GA - December 11, 2019

Decatur, GA - December 12, 2019

Marietta, GA - December 13, 2019

To register visit https://www.pesi.com/events/oneday and search for “Janine Halloran”


Anxiety, ADHD, and Anger in the Classroom: 60 Activity-Based Coping Skills to Effectively Manage "Big Feelings"

PESI Publishing & Media

  • Plainview, Manhattan, & Nanuet NY

  • Northbrook, Naperville & Oak Lawn, IL

  • Sacramento, Oakland, & Palo Alto, CA

  • Devil’s Lake, ND

  • Parsipanny & South Plainfield, NJ

Feedback from attendees of this conference:

“I love all the strategies I’m walking away with!”

“I kept writing down a kid’s name next to an exercise we talked about to try with them next week.”

“This is one of the best seminars I’ve ever been to!”

This day long seminar is available on-demand via PESI Publishing and Media. Click here to learn more.


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August 2019

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5 Simple Coping Skills to Help Anxious Kids Calm Down

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  • Coping Skills Ideas for School Counselors

  • The Anxious Child - Coping Skills to Help

  • The Angry Child - Coping Skills to Help

  • Understanding and Exploring Coping Skills with Your Child

  • 5 Coping Skills You can Teach Your Child Today

  • Play in the Classroom

  • How to Encourage Play at Home


  • Counselors

  • Schools

  • Special Education Parent Advisory Councils

  • Educators

  • Parents/Family Members

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