How Play and Coping Skills are Connected

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How Play and Coping Skills are Connected


As you may know, I run two websites - Encourage Play and Coping Skills for Kids. Although at first glance it doesn’t seem like these two are connected, they are - by PLAY!

Some of the things I talk about during this podcast:

  • Play is an integral part of childhood, and of being human. All of us need to play!

  • Play (doing something for pure enjoyment) is also a natural way for children and adults to relieve stress. 

  • Two ideas for how parents can encourage play at home - careful scheduling and providing open ended toys like:

    • K’NEX ®

    • Blocks

    • LEGO ® blocks

    • Marble Runs

Take a listen!

Not sure where to begin?

I have a whole deck of play ideas that kids can use when they are stressed out to help them take a break:

The Coping Cue Cards Distraction Deck!

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