Deep Breathing with Shapes

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Using Shapes to Take Deep Breaths


Deep breathing is so hokey, right? But there are lots of fun ways to encourage deep breathing, and using shapes is awesome. 

It gives some structure to breathing for kids, and easy to follow directions. It hopefully prevents that hyperventilation or holding their breath without breathing out that can happen if you just say “take a deep breath”

I like to use 4 basic shapes, a Triangle, a Star, a Square and an eight on it’s side, which I call a lazy eight.

Take a listen!

More Ideas for Deep Breathing…

Episode 2 of the Calm and Connected Podcast - An Awesome Way to Take a Deep Breath

Here’s a link to an article on Coping Skills for Kids that contains a ton of ideas for teaching deep breathing to kids and teens!

Here are some more deep breathing resources from Coping Skills for Kids.

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