Welcome to Calm and Connected!

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Welcome to the Calm and Connected Podcast! I’m Janine Halloran, the host of the show. in this episode, you’ll hear about

  • my background as a licensed therapist, and a little bit about where I’ve worked

  • my first business Encourage Play

  • My second business Coping Skills for Kids

  • I’m also a mom, and how that may show up in this podcast

  • Where the name Calm and Connected comes from

  • Topics you can expect to hear about like:

    • ways for families to connect

    • coping skills

    • identifying and managing feelings

    • ways to encourage play

    • self-care

  • A quick peek into my own self-care, how I love to play and what are my own coping skills

Take a listen!


Do you have a question or a suggestion for a topic to cover? Write to me and let me know!

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