How to Make a Coping Skills Toolkit

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How to Make a Coping Skills Toolkit


A coping skills toolbox is an actual physical container that houses items kids can use to help calm down and express their emotions in healthy ways. There are a ton of strategies your child can use to calm down, and having a toolbox is one way to keep several of these tools readily available to use. I've created lots of coping skills toolkits over the years, for individual clients, for my office, for classrooms, and my kids. During this podcast episode I cover:

  • How many items should be in a coping skills toolkit

  • Where to get ideas for the items that should go in a box

  • What to do for coping skills that aren't physical items - like taking a deep breath?

  • How to make visuals reminders for coping skills

Take a listen:

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

The Coping Skills Checklist:

Ideas for items to go in a calm down kit from And Next Comes L 

COPING CUE CARDS FROM COPING SKILLS FOR KIDS - I created Coping Cue Cards to make those ready to use visuals. I have downloadable ones and physical card decks full of different coping strategies that work for kids. Check it out today!

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