Creativity & Imaginative Play

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Creativity & Imaginative Play


I've been doing a lot of reading and watching about creativity and imagination recently. I watched Sir Ken Robinson's ted talk about creativity and schools. He identifies creativity as an essential skill for children. He said that "creativity is as important now in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status."

I've also been reading some of Tony Wagner's work recently. He's a well-known education advocate and expert, and he has identified seven 21st century skills, which are those skills kids should build to help prepare them for the future.

Creativity & Imaginative play….

  • Build resilience through mistakes

  • Encourage curiosity, exploration, and innovation

  • Are great ways to practice communication, flexible thinking & problem solving

  • Even help with executive functioning skills!

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk

Tony Wagner 21st Century Skills

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